cctechmx engineering

cctechmx is proud to be dCloud home, the first integrated mobile BTFS Node + UI app.

As a non-profit organization we focus on delivering high quality free and open source software. We believe knowledge must be as open as possible to bring more alternatives to human development, thus, enabling the better ideas to shine and prosper.

Our main development objectives:


  • Introduce an intuitive and portable way of uploading files to BTFS (iOS + Android).
  • Bring mobile apps to Google Play and App Store --> Done
  • Bring dCloud to desktop environments (macOS and Windows) --> In progress
  • Introduce our new concept: dCloud box. A plug & Play solution for busy people
  • dCloud Web Assembly plugin: a Portable web runable binary for browsers.
  • Background processing for hosts in Android.


  • Create a go-btfs lite repo for read-only purposes and lightweigth library binaries. --> Done
  • To create Guidelines and tutorials requested by community members
  • Multi language support for docs .
  • Keep BTFS install guideline for Raspberry Pi updated and community accesible.

About us

We are a small group of enthusiasts of open source & web3 software.

Founder: Moises C. aka SimbadMarino

Co-founder: Carolina C.